Mouth of The Mystic

A cold day in he....

October 18th 2017, Boston Metro Area.

The Boston Metro Area becomes the focus of an early winter storm system, that dumps record amounts of snow on New England leaving the region paralyzed for nearly a week. The weather continues on and off keeping the snow cover across the region consistently above three feet.

November 3rd 2017, Boston Metro Area.

Power outages begin frequently plaguing the greater New England grid. Black outs, brown outs, and peak drops all effect the area. Unable to keep up and establish a consistent maintenance, the army core of engineers reserve units are sent in to help stabilize power.

November 21st 2017, Cambridge, MA. – M.I.T.

Both the reactor, and accelerator labs are compromised by what the news outlets and authorities refer to as "A terrorist faction". Damage is widespread, but confined to the campus, one of the Terrorists is briefly captured due to injuries, but news sources become muddled about the condition or whereabouts of the prisoner within minutes of the reported apprehension. The campus is shut down by local, state, and federal agencies to investigate the crime and render the area safe.

December 4th 2017, Gloucester, MA.

A "natural disaster" occurs late in the night, reports from authorities are confused at best about the details, but stories center around the sea wall being compromised, a rogue wave hitting the town, and a ship crashing through a large portion of the residential center of town. 

A leaked video appears on Youtube a few hours after the disaster, and while blurry and poorly taken shows what appears to be a giant "beast" coming to shore in the midst of hurricane like weather. Within four minutes the video is down, the channel it appeared on is deleted, and no statement is issued. The only coverage beyond that is on conspiracy websites.

December 5th 2017, Gloucester, MA.

Gloucester is evacuated of all inhabitants and declared a quarantine zone, and disaster area, national guard forces are put in place to restrict access.

December 6th-26th, Boston Metro Area.

Minor occurrences continue, but the overall "doomsday" feel passes. Several local and national acts band together and play benefit concerts around the city. Other functions for charity take place in high society, museum galas, etc. The overall mood of the people improves considerably.

December 17th, Your Residence. A knock at the door. When you check it there is no one present. You open the door to find a flower box. In the box is a stem of Ice Blue Orchids and a note that reads:

"Doyle's – second room, North corner, 11PM, It's Accorded Neutral Territory… Please Behave. I have information vital to your continued existence."




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